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Rakotex-Iguidsen Maritime Agency & Shipping Services
Dakhla Port Zone Industrial - El Massira II - Rue Boujdour No.22
Tel. +212-661 489 504 / Fax +212-528 931 866 /  E-mail:

You are more than welcome to contact us by phone or write us an E-mail.
Please use your phone for general inquiries. CALL: +212 - 661 489 504 or Skype: rakotex

Follow up, details and orders can be sent by e-mail


  Our office location Click to Download our Google Earth Placemarks.
GPS location Rakotex-Iguidsen Office : 2341'10.80N 1556'19.00W

We are the Key to any Problem  -  Working Together for Future Success

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