Subsidiary Services:-

Travel Services:

- Travel arrangements & airplane tickets can be arranged for crew change over.
- Quick connections to international flights via Casablanca or Las Palmas.

Activities for Crew Relief:

- Rakotex now offers a relief program for Captain's & their crew, in the event your
vessel is along side for repairs for a period of time.
We can offer outside activities such as Desert excursions, Beach BBQ's, kitesurfing 
lessons & other water sports. Everything is arranged according to your time along side.


Sahara Action Sport Organisation sponsored by Rakotex Group IGUIDSEN

Jan 2011 Jan 2011

Jan 2011

- One charity program that runs along side, is Sahara Action Sport Organization.
This program is Foundered by Rakotex & Associates to help fund much needed school materials &
creates activity days at the beach for the children of this region. The opportunity 
allows children to interact with the outside world, practice their English and enjoy 
playing a variety of sports otherwise not available to them.
It is a relatively new project to encourage & developed the youth generation into
better opportunities & skills for the future.
Your valuable input & contributions, will help make a difference.


<<< Some pictures of the sporting activities 

Children's Sports Activity Days sponsored by:

  • Rakotex
  • Iguidsen
  • Dakfish
  • Dipromer II
  • Kjellberg Fisheries


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