Our Marine and Harbour Services

Port Services:
  • Information on approach to Ad Dakhla.
  • Pilot Service via Port Authorities.
  • Consultation on Immigration matters.
Shipping Agency:
In association with AGRIMAN:- Legal Authorisation for work & Legal Agreements.
STEBDURING:- Trans Shipment, Transit of Product to Outbound Vessels.
Container & Containerisation:
Crew Recruiting Agency:



  • Rakotex-Iguidsen can supply Labor Teams for: Crew placements, Deckhands, Seamen, 
  • Shore-side Support for Discharging Processes, Refueling, Oil & Water, Ship Provisions
    & stores.
Ship Chandler:
Maintainance Products, Parts & Spares.
Rakotex-Iguidsen acts as an intermediary service for finding & Selling of Pelagic Vessels.

Repair & Maintenance Services

Skilled Services
  • Under water surveillance and reports
  • Hull Maintenance (Cleaning)
  • Propeller Repairs
  • Removal of Foreign Objects.
Engineers and mechanics:
Refurbishment of existing Parts & Installation of new Parts. including bearings and rewiring Electro Engines.
Welding Technicians:

We offer both, Technicians and also available European Expertise & Supervision as required.

Hydraulic Specialist:
  • For Pneumatic systems including Winches & Cranes (Dereks)
  • Repairs & Maintenance.

Available for Industrial Electrical Repair & Maintenance

Computer systems:
Software engineers, spares & parts.
Technicians for Refrigeration
  • Experienced & Specialised in RSW cooling systems for Pelagic Fishing.
  • Recharging of FREON Gas, Repairs & maintenance.


Fishing Equipment
Net Repairs & Net Makers:
  • Pelagic Net Repairs
  • Splicer available for Net Cables & Rope work.
Ship Bunkering:
Marine Oil, plus any other Lubricant Products, Fuel & Water
Shipping Provisions:
Food supplies, fresh & preserved products, cleaning materials etc. 
Cleaning Services
Cleaning Teams:
  • Onboard Services for example, Tanks, Ships Topsides & Any other Stipulated Task you require.
  • Internal Services for example, Bridge, Cabins, Mess/Galley & Any other Stipulated Task you require
  • External Work:- Cleaning/Scrapping & Repainting Topsides, Deck & Hull.
Shipping Storage:
We can offer Ships secure storage space for spare parts, nets, equipment & machinery

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