Rakotex Iguidsen Group is happy to welcome you to the New Port of Ad Dakhla formally known as Villa Cisneros - Rio d'Oro, West Africa.

The harbour of Dakhla view to the North
The company was established in 1999 and has developed into a comprehensive Maritime Agency & Service Supplier for all Maritime Activities.

Along with our services, Rakotex-Iguidsen is also a Shipping Agency and can deal with all legal requirements during your working period in the Region.

We specialise in RSW systems for Pelagic fishing Systems, Import & Export of Pelagic Species, Buying & Selling of Pelagic Fish and other Fish species.
We are also well connected with Operating Shipping Services in Mauritania and in Senegal.

Rakotex-Iguidsen has long term experience of dealing with the Ministry of Fisheries & the Ministry of Transport as well as Local departments associated with the Shipping Industry. Our Representation of clients ensures co-operation of all legal necessitates for a successful business relationship.
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The harbour of Dakhla View.